Among the large number of types of the concept of "advertising" practical content has only division on functional sign. In accordance with the purposes, advertisements are divided into commercial, political and social.
The term "social advertising" is used only in the CIS countries. In the United States and Europe to refer of this advertising type is using the terms public service advertising or public service announcement (PSA). So, usually, social advertising is defined as advertising that is dedicated to the public interest. Themes of such ads have an impact on public opinion about health care, social welfare, human rights, environmental protection, prevention of crimes, the security of the population and other socially important issues. We can summarize that the primary purpose of social advertisement is to change society's attitude to certain problems, and in the long term – to form the new social values. The educational function of social advertising is important.
Such advertising is not intended to get profit directly or indirectly. Although you can argue that such advertising affects the total commercial market. However, in social advertising are prohibited from mentioning any goods or persons that they produce. It actually should not be personal.
The advantages of social advertising include: formation of public position, transfer values, engage citizens to social life and the humanization of society. Cons of social advertising based on financial uncertainties in the legislation and the complexity of its placement, as well as in the practical impossibility to evaluate its results.
Social advertising can order any of the actors, but it usually public authorities (local authorities) or non-profit organizations.
Typically, social advertising is created and distributed for free, and more precisely out of ethical considerations the subjects of advertising market refuse to profit. Social advertising uses the same promotional tools as commercial advertising. Also, in social advertising apply appropriate restrictions on development (content) and distribution of advertising, except for a few exclusions, which are needed to stimulate its development. It is clear that commercial advertising has a number of advantages, so potentially are more attractive. For this purpose, it is established certain benefits and exceptions in its regulation.
Social advertising in democratic country increases the prestige and promotes creative forms in an advertising agency. In the UK advertising agencies win the right to make and distribute social advertising. For social media advertising serves as an argument against accusations of uselessness and harmfulness of advertising.
Social advertising is necessary in Ukraine. It contributes to the solution of social problems, social support of the population, increases the level of culture and morality of society, and also contributes to the creation of civil society. In addition, smart people know, but the story is confirm that good ideas need advertising more than bad.