Our company has produced more than 1000 different lighting signage and advertising structures. Among them are signs for restaurants, casinos, pharmacies, shopping and entertainment complexes, business centers, banks, car dealerships, shops and many other clients. About the level of our professionalism you can judge, looking at some photos of our work.
Light box is the one of the most common signs used in external and interior advertising, as well as in the design of the retailer. Often, when light box have mind box with interior lighting.
Light boxes can be made as serially (advertising trademarks in places of sale, holding of shares) in edition of 50 and up to several thousand pieces, and in the single instance (beauty salons, shops, entertainment, jewelry stores, car dealerships). For the serial manufacture light boxes, we developed conveyor type of production, to provide maximum quality and speed of execution. Our company manufactures light boxes of any size. Any agency can make light box of small size, but for the manufacture of large light boxes you need knowledge of technology, creative approach and high professionalism, which we gained during the years of hard work.
Panel-bracket is the two-sided light box with side mount.
The advantage of the two-sided light box is its location across the movement and a great view of advertising from both sides.
To increase the attractiveness of light box you can use a multitude of promotional technologies: neon, three-dimensional letters, mirrored surfaces, custom forms, milling, led backlight, full-color printing.
Non-standard and large shapes are calculated individually.