Brandmauer is a widescreen wall advertising design, consists of a metal frame, mounted on one of the sides of the building in which special banner fabric with an advertising image are stretched. The area of advertising image is formed according to the size of the building facade.
Mounted on the walls of buildings in the areas of vehicle and pedestrian flows.
Is universal for coverage of all target audiences.
The zone of visibility and large format advertising fields profitable highlights brandmauer in the overall media stream.
Is ideal for image advertising.
Address database of advertising spaces:
Our address program lets you pick the best advertising space on the busy roads and city streets. All of this information present in a convenient for you table that is presented below.
For more current information about employment advertising designs, you can contact our managers. Also we develop individual programs hosted on external structures, provide recommendations to use advertising media formats for your needs. We are selecting placements, define optimal address for your advertising to make it attractive to potential audience.
We do everything to make your ad worked!