Calendar is the kind of the dated printed products for planning your time. Calendar is used throughout the year. The last time the calendar is used as a carrier of information, converts it to the most effective advertising tool. The corporate calendar is the perfect gift to partners and colleagues to the new year.
If you want to order the printing of calendars, we offer you a full range of services, which includes the production of layout, design and quality printing.
Three types of calendars. Methods of personalization.
There are three types of calendars:
the most common calendars are the Pocket Calendar
Pocket Calendar is the most popular and relatively inexpensive kind of printing. The front side is completely relegated to advertising, and on the reverse side is placed the annual calendar grid. Pocket Calendar has a format 70 * 100 mm, printed on heavy coated paper. The front side is covered with lacquer, or laminate.
Wall calendar - calendar poster, quarter calendar, rocker spring calendar.
We are manufacturing the unique personalized calendars for any taste. Show imagination and give your loved ones a nice gift.
Individual wall calendar. A great opportunity to make a gift to yourself and your friends and have pleasant memories all year round!