In addition to the placement of outdoor advertising you can order print posters on billboards and other standard external advertising planes. Most all types of outdoor advertising structures have a standard size. For example, a standard billboard is 3 x 6 m, rarely meets the design of 4 x 8 m.
Also in the central part of the cities there are advertising carriers of size 3 × 4 m, as well as the Giants "Mega boards» 12 x 36 m and larger sizes are on the motor roads.
Posters on construction with external illumination are printed on special paper, the face of it is resistant to moisture, and the back side of a blue color, gave the name of paper - Blue Back.
Backlights, city lights and other carriers that have internal lights, are printed on a special transparent paper, which is more expensive than non-transparent, besides the quality of this paper is different depending on the density.
Or-road adverts (stretch marks) are printed on banner cloth.