The corners of the consumer
Consumer corner is a booth with information about the protection of the rights of the consumer.
-phones of the organization;
-the law "About Protection Of Consumer Rights";
-permitting documentation on trade point;
-a copy of the form for the state registration of the seller with the name of the registering body;
-copy and license number as well as information about the body that it issued if the activities carried out by the seller, subject to licensing;
-the book of complaints and proposals.
A corner of the consumer must be in any retail trade point, at the enterprises of sphere of services, catering. The stand should be easily accessible and contain the full and truthful information.
Consumer corner is made of PVC with white flat transparent pockets under the standard leaves the A4, plus volumetric pocket under the book (the book of complaints and proposals). The color spectrum information and logo on the stand is at the request of the customer. Consumer corner equipped with concealed hinges when mounting to the wall.
Exhibition stand is the face of your company
Modern production of advertising cannot be imagined without stands. Each solid company selects on stands a significant portion of the advertising budget.
Participation in the exhibition is always a chance to broaden the horizons of its activities and attract new customers. As practice shows, the most advantageous offers of cooperation received at exhibitions.
Ideally, advertising stands for exhibitions should:
-Attract attention to your brand;
-Select company at the exhibition;
-Cause buying interest in products or services.
It is very important to understand that the stand is the face of your company. So you must be prepared to ensure that visitors who come to the exhibition, draw attention to his appearance. Tastefully decorated exhibition space will appreciate as customers and competitors. Still in the production stage you can predict the main characteristics of your stand:
-Choose the optimal shape and size;
-To choose the most suitable material;
-To determine the brand colors and style.