Car - is a plane that gives designers the ability to embody the brightest creative ideas using all geometric nuances of carriers. Every type of vehicle is the new idea but the choice of the vehicle is yours. For making image advertising materials are chosen in accordance to the requirements of the advertising campaign. Printed materials that is intended for display of advertising on vehicles should be laminated. Lamination is a guarantee of the preservation of color images on the entire period of exposure. Because it protects the image not only from mechanical impact (daily cleaning, sand on the road, etc.), but also from the effects of UV rays, which have a negative impact on the stability of color.
Branding of corporate transport
Transport your enterprise is an excellent advertisement carrier, besides it's absolutely free. Just think about it: cars, in addition to its main task, and performs the function of advertising agent, increases brand recognition, without requiring an additional cost. Moving around the city, while not being fixed to a specific route, your car every day collects dozens, hundreds and even thousands of interested eyes. And anyone who saw this is a potential client. Is it worth losing the ability to raise the rating of the brand without making this permanent attachments? You can decide it.
Have you decided to arrange your transport? Contact us. We will do all the work for the production and placement of advertising on vehicles at the highest level.
Your own design of your favorite means of transportation is a guarantee of originality and exclusivity.
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