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Advertising on public transport is an optimum for parity: Price\Quality. No advertisement carrier can provide such a large area exhibiting with a limited advertising budget. In addition, advertising on public transport has a number of advantages that are not available to other types of advertising:
Dynamics - your ad is constantly in motion, in fact, goes to a potential customer.
Selectivity - you determine by yourself the route of exposure, based on the goals of the campaign.
The massive number of people that had seen your advertising at times exceeds the number of advertising reviews on fixed media.
Creativity - the car is not the standard plane.
Car is a plane that gives designers the ability to embody the brightest creative ideas using all geometric nuances of carriers. Every type of vehicle is the new idea but the choice of the vehicle is yours. For making image advertising materials are chosen in accordance to the requirements of the advertising campaign. Printed materials that is intended for display of advertising on vehicles should be laminated. Lamination is a guarantee of the preservation of color images on the entire period of exposure. Because it protects the image not only from mechanical impact (daily cleaning, sand on the road, etc.), but also from the effects of UV rays, which have a negative impact on the stability of color.
Advertising in trolley
Advertising in transport is one of the most effective types of advertising to promote goods and services. Every day hundreds of thousands of people spend part of their time in motion, getting a huge amount of information from the world. Five times a week, 90% of the residents get to work, training, personal affairs, and returning back. Each stands at the bus stop waiting for the (tram, trolley, bus, bus, tram) and, as a rule, even if it is not interesting, he still reads this or other information. Thus, advertising in transport has enough efficiency.
The main advantage of advertising in transportation is a large audience. Another plus of advertising in transport is a selectivity. If the advertising campaign should be carried out within the same district or in any suburban route, advertising and transport is the perfect combination.
As for the target audience this kind of advertising is much cheaper to other types. Because the audience includes the representatives of all sections of the population, which differ with the age and social position, and by the level of abundance. While the effectiveness of advertising in transport is far superior to its cost.
Of course, the types of representation of advertising information in transport are different. We provide the opportunity to:
Advertising in the trolley
  1. Advertising banners (size 20x80)
Stretching at the level of the cab driver it is placed under the ceiling, not interfere with the movement of passengers in the cabin and not impede it. Stretching is made of banner fabric. In the corners is the holes for mounting framed metal – cringles. Attached stretching will be plastic headphones for handrails, or ceiling level.
-The easy design
-Easy assembly/disassembly
  1. Advertising on the windows and the planes inside the trolley (orakal)
- Constant eye contact (minimum 15 min.);
- The frequency of repeated contacts with the advertising media;
- Color printing, creative interesting layout, non-standard;
The lack of significant competition from other advertising media inside the cabin, gives a very good effect. The information contained on the media are remembering by your audience. Along the way, the person is not busy and starts to get bored, becomes hunger for information - so ad announcement surely will be read many times.
This kind of information combines all the main factors of efficiency of advertising:
1. A large consumer audience;
2. High efficiency;
3. Duration of visual contact from 5 to 70 minutes;
4. High frequency of repeated contacts;
5. The optimal capacity of advertising appeals;
6. Accessibility to perception;
7. Low cost per thousand contacts;
8. Independence from climate influences;
9. The selection of the desired route, for example, which passes right next to your store/office.
We are always happy to assist you and increase the prestige of your business!
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