The format of the "city light" is a sector of the outdoor advertising market that is rapidly evolving. Light posters (city lights, light boxes, tree lights) make up 14% of the market of outdoor advertising in England; France; in Russia-15%.
The size of the advertising field-1,20 x 1, 80 m (it so-called "city-format") is gaining popularity and is recognized by the standard size in outdoor advertising.
The small size of the city-format let you install them in the central areas of the city – as along the road filled highways crossing the center and on the narrow sidewalks and pedestrian zones.
Thanks to the restrained design and utilitarian city-format easily fits in any urban environment.
The proportions and design of city-format also does not violate the harmony of central streets, which is an extra advantage in choosing place for their location. The focus in the most visited areas and key locations of the city, business and shopping centers, increases the effectiveness of the use of carriers of this format.
Namely pedestrians are considered the primary audience of city lights. City lights is a contemporary design above human growth, which advertising space is at the level of the human eye, that improves the quality of the image to a contact with the consumer. Part of city-lights often work and pedestrian and traffic flows. City-light is relatively inexpensive advertising, and sometimes one of the most effective possible options of outdoor advertising.
Functionality and small size of city lights let you install them in the central and other areas of the city along the busiest automobile highways crossing the center, on sidewalks and in pedestrian areas.
Focusing city lights in the busiest areas and key locations of Ternopil, business and shopping centers, increases the effectiveness of using this format of carriers.
The main advantages of city lights:
high information content, coverage of pedestrian and traffic flow;
possibility to place media in locations that are inaccessible to other formats;
strengthening the advertising appeals to night time with internal lighting;
high quality advertising message out dependence on weather conditions.