Billboards. Advertising on the boards 3x6.
Advertising on billboards is the most efficient and popular type of advertising at this time. There are standard sizes of advertising constructions such as "Big Board"- 3 m * 6 m, 6 m, 12 m.
Information on the big boards with proper placement of advertising is well visible from far away and well readable even at high speed. Advertising on billboards is carried out in the most crowded parts of the city and the liveliest. This outdoor advertising (billboards) is designed for drivers, passengers, personal and public transport, and on city streets - on pedestrians.
The largest effect of advertising (billboards 6x3) reaches when is using the effect of advertising duplication on big boards around the city. Consistently appearing before the eyes of consumers on all key highways, advertising on billboards uses the effect of the repeatability, and so memorable even without much effort of the customer.
Placing the advertisement of the same type on billboards throughout the city, you will reach what it will be seeing a large part of the population, and your chances to attract new customers would rise repeatedly. But you can apply not only the serial outdoor advertising on billboards. This makes sense because the cost of advertising on billboards for a single carrier and for series boards are different. The single billboards are on major city roads, energy bands, as well as at intersections. For companies that advertise their products, it is very convenient, because it often fails to pick up the shield close to the establishment that is advertised. As a rule, such outdoor advertising (billboards 3 x 6) is bilateral. We are engaged in the installation of billboards advertisements in Ternopil, and also in the districts of Ternopil region. If you take into account our city, the biggest demand in the advertiser uses the advertising on the entrances and exits to the city (on such streets as Textulna, Mury, Budnogo, Zhuvova, Kyivska, 15 Kvitnya, Lozovecka). Very often customers are asked to place advertising billboards in the area of the train station and the bus station, the central part of the city. The demand for this type of advertising is always big, but despite of high price for this type of advertising we can offer only a few advertising surfaces in the center. As a rule, place on similar billboards fixed on a particular advertiser for a long period. However, if you just need to place there your promotional materials, we still try to offer you optimal placement.
We are a full cycle advertising agency, we have our own production, and therefore can offer not only the placement of billboards, but also a number of other additional services. We are ready to make for you a billboard, but also complete its installation in the right place, or hold a takedown design.
We are the owners of the network advertising designs, always able to find ads on billboards at a price that suits you.