Led screen is a large electronic advertisement carrier in the light emitting diode. It combines the advantages of outdoor and TV advertising.
A special advantage of advertising on led screens is a flexible schedule of its posting, from a few hours for any period of time.
The location of the led-screens are in two of the most visited areas of the city – "Center" and "East", namely at the crossroads "Zbarazke kiltse" (car flow ≈ 7 000 vehicles, people flow ≈ 10 000 people a day) and the (passengers on weekdays is about 7 000 people a day during the holidays about 10 000 people);
The broad target audience – owners of cars, pedestrians, tourists.
Novelty – led TV screens cause interest and raise the attention of the audience.
Dynamics – keeps the attention of the person in 6 times longer than the statics, provides better remember information than traditional external advertising carriers.
Visibility - led television screen is visible from a distance of 500 m, that allows to reach the target audience.
Flexibility - allows you to change or correct the advertising video or screen saver, change the schedule.
The quality of the image on the screen is not inferior to the TV. Taking into account the frequency of iteration of advertising clips, led television screen is competitive in relation to local TV channels.
The price. The cost of the relay is much lower than the cost of air time.
Schedule of led monitors: 8:00-23:00 (15 hours).
Screen size 6 x 4 m.
Length of roller seconds Frequency of relay per day (times per hour) Number of outputs
(per month)
10 c 60 (4 transl./h) 1800
15 c 60 (4 transl./h) 1800
20 c 60 (4 transl./h) 1800
We offer information about your goods (services) on plasma monitors in shopping centers in Ternopil in such Trading centers:
1. Supermarket "Silpo" (15 Kvitnya str.)
2. Supermarket "Silpo" (Petlyura str.)
3. Supermarket "Silpo" (Kruvonosa str.)
4. Supermarket "Silpo" (Textilna str. TEC "Podolyanu")
5. Supermarket "Silpo" (Zhuvova str. TC "Ornava")
Video monitors is the new universal advertising carrier that allows advertising campaigns with the effect of television advertising, but three times lower price.
High efficiency of advertising is ensured to: successful placing monitors in the crowd places consumers;
the inability to switch channel and acts on the audience, which is not subject to television influence;
the positive attitude of consumers, thanks to the entertaining and informative nature of the broadcast;
the high level of perception of the dynamic information;
the high number of contacts with the target audience, ready to make a purchase.