We manufacture and installs both unilateral and bilateral citylights. Citylight is double-sided box on the leg (support) with dimensions 1870x1280x180 mm, (the advertising area is 1800x1200 mm) standard height legs 600 mm (varies according to the client's choice). Or one-sided box with dimensions 1870x1280x150 mm, (the advertising area of 1800x1200 mm) mounts to the wall or to anything that withstands the weight of the structure. The design of the citylight, gives the opportunity to effortlessly and special skills (having a special key) to open it and change the advertising information.

Framelight is the most common kind of thin light panels. Currently, these panels are the main product on the market of thin light panels due to its ergonomic and good exterior. Led light panels Framelight much thinner than regular lightboxes - their thickness is 5 cm. that greatly expands the area of application, improves their appearance and enhances the usability of light advertising. The system of emitting led backlighting allows light panels light up brightly and uniformly at the same time to spend up to 10 times less power than lightboxes other models of the same size. The design of the lighting panels enables to easily and quickly change the picture. Low weight greatly simplifies installation and maintenance.

Framelight is very thin (typically thickness is 35 mm) light system, which provides for fast replacement of advertising posters. Have you decided to arrange an advertising action, sale, or plan to open? Put a new poster for a few minutes and potential clients that pass by will be informed! The design of framelight is simple and convenient in maintenance, and can be either one-way (advertising perceived passage outside windows people) and bilateral (such structures are established or on shop windows and windows using suspensions, or are suspended in the middle of the premises). Framelight refers to interior advertising, represent the light panel and are intended for promotional purposes on the showcases different retail outlets, boutiques, shops, shopping centers, banks, etc.
Frejmlajt is made from special aluminum profile, and especially thin fluorescent lamps, compact light fittings for placing inside the profile, thick plastic with a diffuse lateral illumination and a thin protective plastic