Printing on banner cloth is used to create a more durable images than on paper. The banner can be used not in one but in several advertising campaigns. Term of use is 1-3 years. Components of vinyl banners are resistant to destructive action of the sun's rays and do not corrode and it's ensuring reliable operation and durability of ready-made advertising panels.
There are the following types of banner fabric:
Banner fabric Frontlit is the most popular carrier today. It is opaque white material is used in advertising designs with a front lighting, which got its name. It is widely used for manufacturing of panel board and large wall advertising flags, light partitions, mobile stands. It is equally suitable for both interior and exterior use.
Banner fabric Blackout is indispensable for the production of advertising with two-sided panels. Special light's block layer of carrier does not show image from another side, that allows to produce a graphics of any color intensity. Using of vinyl fabric Blackout is the most advisable for street waists and hanging banners in shopping centers and exhibition halls, mobile stands.
All vinyl fabrics are suitable for printing full-color images on wide-format plotters with using solvent ink. Due to the high absorbs ability of vinyl's surface the ready prints are longer resists to any operational impacts, and optimum whiteness of carrier does not break color transfer.
Printing on banner grid
Cell's structure of this vinyl's material are resolving the problem of strong wind and a small density (270-350 g/m2) allows you to create product of gigantic dimensions. In addition, stage and television sets are printed on a grid do not have the highlights in bright studio lighting. And, of course, is the most popular material for advertising on construction scaffold, during the restoration and construction works.