What does start any business? You register a company, renting office and declare yourself to your potential customer.
How to express themselves? Use the basic source of advertising-advertising on transport, media, etc. But first that should think is the outdoor advertising. In this case we are talking about the design of your office/store. This must be taken care of from the beginning, because you will need to somehow find, you need to stand out among competitors, especially those that are in close proximity to you, and among the well-known names. Sometimes this is the only way of self-promotion, such as for companies that are located in the business center and who need to engage the consumer in stepper availability from the office.
Depending on your location we can offer very different types and volumes of outdoor advertising.
The nameplate on the door of the office and, if possible, at the entrance to BC.
Image sign in the area of reception.
If you meant to hang out licenses, certificates, diplomas, awards - it is advisable to place them on the branding of your company's style information board.
Pillar near the entrance to the business center.
In turn, it will not only indicate your location, but also serve as additional advertising and provide necessary information that is difficult to place the plates: the list of services, popular products, schedule, contact information.
If you are in the Trade Center:
If the location of your organization is TC, you should consider the impossibility of branding the main entrance from the street and some difficulties with accurate indication of your location. What can we do in this case:
1. Branding entry to you. It may be a box or light bar on your entrance, gluing of glass (full and partial), the sign over the service, which will be visible from the aisle.
2. Often have the opportunity to put a pillar in front of the trade center or directly about Your entrance.
3. If possible, place a sign on the facade of the trade center. And the whole success depends on how much it stands out among the other (lights, colors, size, design).
In this case, you have just an incredible number of opportunities stand out among the gray mass near located buildings.
Branding the facade: the branding of facing plates, visor, polycarbonate construction, individual structures near the entrance (Stella, Pilon), the labels on the boxes and of course sign above the entrance.